The substance of faith to walk by

For we often are called, tested and required to walk by faith NOT by sight. Things are not always black and right nor contrasted in bright colors. Sometimes to we need to discern between shades of gray. Sometimes we just need to wait and be patient for God to build a bridge or shine His light.

Walk by Faith

Scripture reminds us that many righteous men and women didn’t see the fruition of their hope until their faith had been severely tested. In some cases, they never saw concrete answers to some of their prayers within their lifetimes. Yet this didn’t stop them from believing God day after day.

There was no writing prophet in Israel for four centuries, yet men and women like Simeon and Anna—godly people waiting expectantly for the true Messiah—still held to their belief that the Lord would do exactly what He said He’d do. They hadn’t given up hope, even in their old age. No wonder they recognized the long-awaited one immediately when they saw Him in His mother’s arms—even though no one else did.

It didn’t matter that this young family was clearly poor, bringing to the temple the least-expensive sacrifice. Simeon and Anna recognized royalty right away because they were in constant communion with God, walking by faith rather than sight.

Journey to the manger, In-touch Ministry

No doubt we are closer to Him and His will by diligently engaging in the spiritual disciplines and abiding with the Spirit, the more faith and vision will will have.

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