John 1:18

Pondering Scripture, John 1:8″He was not the light, but came to bear witness about the light.”My take: Indeed, Jesus is the light of the world. John was a great reflector. What is darkness? The absence of light. What is cold? The absence of heat.

What is evil?

The absence of God. John the Baptist had a role to play. He fulfilled it well. He pointed people to and made a way for Jesus. Jesus himself said he was the greatest man to date. Now that is something! He was a great reflector, a super Fresnel lens magnifying the Christ.

People of success have clearly defined roles and goals. The Bible has a lot to say about these things if you know where and why to look. We are to be like Jesus so someday we will be like Jesus, even more so if we just abide in His arms. So how to be become more like Jesus? First we must like Him and love Him. In spite of everything this world throws at us. Roles and goals!

and goals in all areas of life: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Family, Recreation, Financial and Social.The amazing thing about Jesus is that He is greatest of both. Our greatest role to emulate and greatest goal to attain.There is only one sun of our galaxy and one Son of our God. Amen!My prayer: Brother Jesus, Lord of and the light of all, I need your help to cling to thee each and every day. Help me to accomplish the most success on your behalf, that you have called me to.

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