FASTER Acronym by Jim Kwik

Put this acronym (FASTER) into action on day one:

Forget / Focus: The key to laser focus is to remove or forget that which distracts you. There are three things you want to forget (at least temporarily). What you already know What’s not urgent Your limitations

Act: Traditional education has trained many people to think that learning is a passive experience. But learning is not a spectator sport. The human brain does not learn as much by consumption as it does by creation. Knowing that, I want you to ask yourself how you can become more active in your learning. Take notes. Do the exercises in this book.

State: Your state of being is a current snapshot of your emotions. It is highly influenced by your thoughts (psychology) and the physical condition of your body (physiology). Change your posture or the depth of your breathing. Consciously choose states of joy, fascination, and curiosity.

Teach: If you want to cut your learning curve dramatically, learn with the intention of teaching the information to someone else.

Enter: If it’s not on your calendar, there’s a good chance it’s not getting done. Take out your calendar and enter blocks of time to invest in yourself, even if that’s only 10 or 15 minutes a day.

Review: You are better able to retain information by reviewing multiple spread-out sessions. Get in the habit of reflecting on your day and do a daily review of what you’ve learned. For more on this, reread the section in Chapter 4.


(F) For the F, I like Focus best.

I don’t fully understand his wanting us to Forget to learn but recognize his point that we need to clear our minds and go into the learning session with an open, expectant framework and not be a ‘know it all’.

(A) Action is the engine behind learning be engaging deeply with the subject.

(S) State is fundamental in being able to excel.

(T) When we Teach we learn best, like now!

(E) Calendar Entering, sometimes called blocking, helps a lot building habits and everything takes time. It especially if we don’t ignore it 🙂

I also like the another E word; Emotion.
Emotions help us remember and connect with a topic like nothing else as we feel it and engrain it into our hearts. ♥️

(R] Review and Repeat. The motto that Repeated Repetition is the mother of learning, at least for a someone like me with a pretty thick skull💀

Benjamin Franklin spoke a bit about learning too which I think worth sharing here:

“Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.”

Or said another way: “Tell me and I hear, Show me and I see, Involve me and I remember.” This difference is born out when we drive somewhere vs riding as a passenger. Both take the same amount of time but the experience of driving, well it drives it home faster and better.


Great acronym…make it YOURS!

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