My Thanksgiving List:

  1. My wife consistently pushes me and often thinks so differently-
    I am thankful someone truly cares and provides a different perspective
  2. My children often require my money, time and attention –
    I am thankful that God has allowed me to invest in these special people and all the laughs and hugs
  3. Exercise is hard and boring –
    I am thankful for good health and audible / youtube that help me learn and entertain while sweating
  4. My belly is bigger than it should –
    I am thankful for plenty of provision
  5. My dark hair is turning silver –
    I am thankful for having hair and the years of life
  6. Plenty of Stress of being a business owner –
    I am thankful for interdependence and opportunity to build something good
  7. Constant frustration and violations of trust from people –
    I am thankful for the honest, loyal and caring souls who go the extra mile
  8. Customers who are never satisfied and expecting more for less –
    I am thankful for all those that get the win / win concept and appreciate our service
  9. Evil and negativeness that permeates just about everything –
    I am thankful for God who turns trash into treasure and made a way to overcome

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