Pondering the Gospel; Mathew 4:1

Pondering the Gospel; Mathew 4:1

“Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.”

My take: Quite interesting battle of the soul here. After 40 days with no food, Christ was tempted. I do not think the 40 day time is a coincidence. Think back thru O.T. history. Moses was up on the mountain fetching the 10 commandments for 40 days. During the great flood it poured for how long? 40 days. So after this period which follows Christ’s baptism and commencement, He is tested severely. It is signifacant that it is the Spirit, the 3rd Person of the Trinity, leading the 2nd Person cloaked in human form to be tempted by whom? The sneaky devil.

Think about how devil tempts here and alos in the Garden when he duped Eve and hence Adam. He tricks and twists things so on the surface. The offers may not so seem bad at a glance but under the skin they are rotten to the core. What do they hold in common? Rejecting God’s dominion, care and command. Remember, the devil is the ultimate deciever. He is cunning and crafty and know were to hit us.

Mathew Henry writes: “Christ was directed to the combat. If we presume upon our own strength, and tempt the devil to tempt us, we provoke God to leave us to ourselves.” We are foolishly cavalier to take on Satan in our fleshly power as a lone ranger.

Henry also wrote this, “It is good to be quick and firm in resisting temptation. If we resist the devil he will flee from us. But the soul that deliberates is almost overcome.” When fleeting evil thoughts enter our minds, the darts of the devil, we must extinguish them immediately.
We must shine the Word upon their darkenness. We must dose their fiery intent with pure water of the Word before we are burned badly.

Jesus’s example is one we must heed. We must know the Word and be led by the Spirit to be victorious. It is written!

But that was Christ. Do we all get tempted? Yes. In James 1:14 we read “But each one is tempted when by his own evil desires he is lured away and enticed.”

I recall after my conversion, I was tempted. After my first wife had rejected and left me, as a baby Christian I was lonely. A mysterious lady disguised as a Christian but a cultist of heart severely tested my reslove and faith. She tried to lure me by sex and false divinity. When I asked her deep questions about her relationship with Jesus and His sovereignty she exploded and her wicked self was revealed. Thankfully, I escaped unharmed and passed the temptation barely.

Christian soldiers, how have you been tempted and tested?

I would like to read your story. Please leave me a comment.

We all win some and lose some. The mark of a disciple and true believer is getting back up to learn, repent and carry on.

My prayer: LORD, if it be up to me alone, I have no chance to defeat a powerful deceiver and enemy of the devil and his demons. This I know by Your Word and my experience. But fortunently, You are greater in every respect. Guide me. Protect me. And please do the same for everyone who reads this in sincerity and humility. God, You are awesome in power and might!

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