In response to a BLM’r

Karon Lancaster (who wrote on Facebook that she instantly blocks anyone who makes a ‘racist’ comment)

By whose definition is one a racist?

That of a great leader like MLKjr or that of leftist BLMrs?

That of Frederick Douglass or that of an overpaid NBA player?

Oh sorry i forgot, its Federal election time and the big race card is being played once again, right on time.
‘We better keep them colored people voting Democratic because they need us. They can’t prosper without our help” – typical Liberal.

As MLKjr said, its not about skin color but character that matters.

Like Morgan Freeman said, the best way to abolish racism is ‘to ignore it’ (the color not the people).

Meaning, if we don’t make it an issue, if we don’t do divide over skin pigment, its not an issue.

The question is how do you view life?

One of limit, fear, woe, lack, oppression, victim hood, mine, self, subtraction and division.


One of opportunity, overcoming, liberty, abundance, diversity, addition and multiplication.

Are you a taker or a maker?

Are you a – or +?

Do you want government to always be there to subsidize you or rather have the get out of the way?

God commands us to love ALL people because ALL lives matter. Not just particular colors. Love beats hate, the inner person reigns over the outer person.

Are you going to focus on the color of skin or the character of heart?

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