Chariots of Fire – Eric’s profound statement regarding purpose.

Eric was so wise and connected to God. Winning nor working hard shouldn’t be our PRIMARY goal. Enjoying God’s presence and fulfiilling His purpose should. May our endeavors give Him the glory. And when we do that well, we no doubt will achieve many victories.

“When I run, I feel His pleasure” said Eric.

When do you feel God’s pleasure, God’s purpose?

That is what we need to focus upon. Blessed is the man who focus on that and include that in His occupation. To me that is being in state of flow or the zone. Christians might say experience His anointed, blessing or favor. That is bull’s eye of life!

Eric realized there is a time for this and a time for that. Both things (Missions in China and Running in the Olympics) were calling him. He realized running, though his phoence was just for fun, Eric sensed otherwise.

He also was resolute on not violating the Sabbath. For him, it was a sin. God rewarded him for his obedience in that. That was between him and God. Sunday is a day of rest and for him, it was not rest.

So, how does this apply to your life? Eric again said, “God made me fast, when I run I feel his pleasure. To win is to honor him.” What abilities has God given to you which you can excel in?

What activities do you feel his pleasure with in your spirit, where are you feel ‘the flow’, and the you’re maxing out in the zone?

This is a space where you are in the center of your purpose. There will likely be tests and challenges getting there but once you are in the center of that, it changes. It kicks into turbo or warp speed. The sense of time often disappears. You may not always win but you always sense your divine purpose and are improving, not simply striving but thriving.

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