‘Responsibilty Centered Leadership’

Why be a leader? – Patrick Lencioni
(New Book) The Motive – Why so many leaders abdicate their most important leadership responsibilities

‘Responsibilty Centered Leadership’

5 things a leader needs to do well and not delegate:

  1. Difficult or uncomfortable conversations
  2. Managing people
  3. Building the team
  4. Running great meetings
  5. Consistent message and behavior

Greg Kelly at Southwest Airlines often gives the same talk in different ways:

  1. Why the company started
  2. How people behave here
  3. How people succeed here
  4. How they treat customers here

My job isn’t for my edification, immediate rewards but what needs to be done, what is important and urgent and thus long term success and rewards will be achieved. Delayed gratification.

Circle of Influence vs Circle of Concern – Stephen Covey

Dont get lost with things you can’t change, focus within your power

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