One on one

I had two good conversations yesterday. 

One with our FedEx driver who is an African-American. We just discussed all the turmoil and that he’d be safe out there. We chatted for about 5 mins. It was just a good conversation you know when you get one on one with a person and help separate the divide amongst each other, that the media and extremist prey upon. 

And then my second conversation was with an IMPD police officer over at a Speedway gas station. He was kind enough to offer me some extra ice that he had. I guess they were going downtown to work the protests and I thanked him for that kind gesture and then I let them know that I fully realize that most of the police are good and do a great service to humanity and that we won’t let a few bad apples ruin the lot and then I appreciated what they stand for. 

Then he said, ‘it’s all part of the job’. 

I hope we realize that we are Americans! If we work together, we can accomplish amazing stuff.

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