Jim the Broom Man

I had the pleasure of buying a couple more brooms from Jim. He’s been selling brooms at the Castleton, Indiana post office for years, maybe like 20 or more.

See, Jim is blind but doesn’t let that get him down.

He told me, “God watches out for me so people help me take care of things. I have lived a good life and God and my wife love me and I them”.

A while back I heard the Post Office banned him from selling his brooms on their grounds.

Well, enough people heard about it, we’re upset and it went viral. According to Jim, the US Postmaster received over 10,000 letters but that wasn’t enough. President Obama encouraged the Post Master to heed the people’s will and his opportunity to sell brooms there was restored.

Props to President Obama and all the letter writers. Jim has a great attitude and go buy some brooms and be blessed.

Yes, Jim lives vibrantly by faith not by mere sight.

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