Success Preferences and Principles 

With preferences; seek to please. With principles; require unity. 

In preferences; diversity and opportunity. In principles; foundation and standard. 

Similar to wants vs. needs are preferences vs. principles. 

My wants are preferences and my needs are principles.

A fool confuses them while the wise rightly disern and act accordingly. 

So long as I remain active and content, I am confident God shall satisfy my needs. 

Take the best, leave the rest. 

Give your best, in faith and zest! 

If it’s to be 

It’s up to me 

and more so fill

God’s wonderful will

While my performance will never be perfect nor fully satisfying, as I seek to please God in love and obedience. I see His grace filling the gaps and the Spirit guiding where I need to be. I am moving from me to Thee for His great glory. 

All I can do, is all I can do. But all I can do is enough, Lord willing (and I trust and verify He is).

I realize by serving other peoples needs well, I will get what I need and often times 

what want as well for what goes around, comes around, sooner or later. 

May my wants be God’s preference. 

In all things love. 

Kirk A. Booher

PS I preach not always where I am but rather where I am going.

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