Dont waste time on foolishness – Proverbs 20:3

There is a difference between vain, superfluous arguments and leaning into and sharing essentials and principles. One needs to discern the difference between sincere desire to know truth and pretentious prideful one to argue and fuss for the sincere sake of argument, which is a waste of time and energy.

Its wise to have the right gear (training) and purpose (mindset goal) when tracking on snow and ice, which is like when fools are engaged . Rational people are like walking on solid dry ground and fools like slick muddy ground.

-Seek first to understand.
-Ask smart questions.
-Stick to essential principles.
-Maintain a pleasant tone, until the line of attack has been crossed and rights intruded upon. Be slow to anger but righteous anger does have its limited place but should not be burning on pure emotions. It should rather be on logic. Emotions are like kindling to a fire whereas thought is hardwood.
-Act with a purpose and end goal in mind.
-Always stive for win/win/win.

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