Morning Routine: 1st 3 unto Thee and me.

1st 3 unto Thee and me

Daily Wellness Program

M—F 5am Arise Opportunity Alarm (Approx 8am on Saturday)
Time Budget = 3 hrs

Each Discipline for 30 min / . 5 hr

1.  Arise, Coffee and Stretch / Breath

A. Opportunity clock – “Rise and shine and give God the glory.”

B. Make my coffee: Organic French Roast Beans Freshly Ground (12 cups), Filtered Cold Water (44oz), Honey (5 tbsp) and Milk (1 cup warmed in microwave).

C. Stetch and Breath (while coffee brews)

Round, Front & Back, Side

Arms and Chest:
Round, Up and Sides

Spine and Back:
Twist Round, Sides and Bend Down

Calfs and Ankles:
Legs and calf extends against wall

Hips and Legs:
Squats and Extend

Back and Spine:
Pulls, Floor Leg Cross overs
Inverted Ball Arches

Corner flys

2. Bible Reading and Study

A. Read Bible NASB Using Olive Tree on Tablet

B. Entering Notes and Tags

C. Sharing meaningful verse on Social Media

3. MAP

A. Review Mission

B. Speak Affirmations

C. Pray

4. Cardio and Learning

A. Workout in Station Bicycle or Elliptical

B. Watch learning and inspirational videos on Tablet or read

5. Strength Training and Praise

A. Total Gym
3 routines high reps and some cardio

B. Listen to inspirational music

6. SSS

A. Use the bathroom

B. Shower

C. Shave

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