Just a closer walk with Thee

As a Christian, walking close the Lord is essential. I hope you like these links.

Do you have a favorite?

A. Hard to top George Jones in his classic country rendition https://youtu.be/r8ibdIIRScQ

B. And a deep soul jazz rendition by Mahalia Jackson with accompanied by Louis Armstrong, if this doesn’t move you, don’t know what will?

C. Then this country western s l o w and m e l l o w version by Hall of Fame Patsy Cline https://youtu.be/I6fgI50v1Kk

D. And the sweet sound of the band Alabama does it true https://youtu.be/iPmJemdLGf8

E. Randy Travis with his deep baritone voice and country runs backed by a fantastic stringed ensemble is fantastic https://youtu.be/sIfqa_741s0

F. Merle does it true https://youtu.be/Qsl8rdscrKU

G. This country western version is a bit twangy. I like it this quartet https://youtu.be/PR9GYaneiXY