8 things to quit, rather start, in 2019.

I am listing one of these each week for 8 weeks as a Calendar pop-up reminder. I hope you do the same, similar or maybe something better.

I use that for all kinds of things beyond the routine stuff, like goal reminders and affirmations. Simple but effective. #PlannedReminders

Even better, invert the negative into a positive affirmation. Ex…”I am intentionally pleasing a select few people today.” vs “I am no longer trying to please everyone.” or maybe you prefer a hybrid,

1. “I am intentionally pleasing a select few today vs. trying to please everyone”.

2. “I run toward and embrace change rather than fearing it. It’s an opportunity to get ahead and innovate.”

3. “I thrive in the present. Right now! The past, though worth learning from, is history. The future, which I plan for, is an unfulfilled promise. The present is my gift! Carpe Diem!”

4. “All I can do is all I can do but all I can is enough. I am NOT overthinking. Simple wins more time than NOT.”

5. “I am endowed upon high with unique and super talents. I am different for a special purpose.”

6. “I invest my time and energy sacrificially. It is worship not unto any person but my Creator.”

7. “Every day I am getting better in some way; ‘Kaizen’. My best is good enough.”

8. “I am purpose; on mission. I have SMARTER goals and strategies for achievment. I measure what matters and inspect what I expect, from myself 1st and others 2nd.”

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