Why do I believe that Heaven is real, that Hell is also a real place, and that I have everlasting life? Is it because the Bible says so? Yes and No.

Let’s say I’ve been waiting for weeks to move into a newly-built house. Time after time there were problems with the electrical work, to a point where I almost lost hope it would ever be done.

Finally I see a sight I can hardly believe. It is a signed note pinned to the door of the house, saying, “The electrical is done. You now have power. Flick the switch.” I flick the switch and the power comes on! So I then conclude that the note was certainly authentic. That conclusion didn’t come because I welled up some sort of belief in the note, but because the note proved itself to be true when the power came on.

God’s note is the Bible. It says, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…I will give you a new heart…Old thing pass away, all things become new.”

I believe the Bible, not because I welled up some sort of faith in its words, but because it said that God would make me a completely new person if I would repent and trust alone in Jesus.

It authenticated itself as the Word of God by supernaturally doing what it said it would do. The power came on and transformed me overnight into a brand new person.

This didn’t come about because of anything I did. It was a completely independent source of power that took me out of darkness and brought me into light. Therefore every other promise in it about Heaven, Hell, and everlasting life is utterly true altogether. – Ray Comfort

Though an imperfect analogy: we are the bulbs, Christ is the electricity, the Holy Spirit is the conductor / hardware, the Father is the power plant. Our faith is the switch and the light that illuminates is His glory.

Luke 2:32
A light to bring revelation to the Gentiles,
And the glory of Your people Israel.”

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