PAM ACTS WISELY is a prayer life acronym

P. A. M.   A. C. T. S.   W. I. S. E. L.Y!

Acronyms help us remember the important stuff.  I hope you like this one.


P-rayer – is important to connect to God. It is not like doesn’t know what is happening but He wants us to talk to Him for our benefit. 

A-ffirmation – words are powerful when spoken with conviction, passion, and purpose. Affirmations should be spoken in the present tense. Here is a link to mine and another one.

M-ission – it’s critical to have a personal mission statement and review it daily. This includes personal principles, goals, directives and overall mission.


Praying ACTS – is an effective method or praying that can be traced back to Jesus teaching the disciples to pray by the Lord’s prayer in function.

A-doration – we start by calling out to God in His glory and true state. ‘Our Father who art in Heaven’, LORD Almighty,  Provider of all, we should keep a holy fear in mind along with crying out to Abba, daddy. What an amazing God we serve.

C-onfession – humility and keeping a contrite heart is essential. God requires a Christian to be real with his/her sin and oft wondering heart. He commands us to confess our sins.

T-hanksgiving – lets count and remember our blessings. We should always be thankful for God’s provisions. It’s healthy to regularly be appreciative. Saying a blessing for every meal is a good example of this.

S-upplication – lastly, let us bring our request before the Lord. Like the widow bringing her needs before the judge, Jesus told us about. We should bring our petitions to our Father for we know He is good.

Always praying – private, corporate and constant attitude of prayer.



W-isdom – is experience applied. Lets us pray, ask for wisdom and live accordingly.

I-ntentionality – we should pray and seek God intentionally with confidence as a relationship is important because it is.

S-incerely – let us be sincere and bare our souls and not afraid to lament. God knows us better than we know ourselves. No shallow or artificial thoughts.

E-nthusiastic – seek God passionately, with emotion and drive like David, Daniel and other led by example.

L-oving – life is hard but God is good. God is love at His core and commands us accordingly. Let us walk and live love.

Y-es! –  YES! Yes! yes! Feel it, know it and be it


P. A. M.   A. C. T. S.   W. I. S. E. L.Y!

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