AFFIRMATIONS: of this Christian

This is the day the Lord has made and –

I am glad in it

I am His creation, His child

I am optimistic

I am looking up

I am refreshing a positive attitude

I am reaching out for fruit on the limb

I am squelching the negative

I am learning from temporary setbacks

I am glancing at my problems, but

I am gazing at God.

I am P (Positive, Professional, Persistent, Passionate, Persuasive, P…)

I am a charismatic conservative

I am greeting people enthusiastically

I am actively listening

I am speaking with my whole being (words, tone, face, etc…)

I am persistently striving for excellence

I am quick but not in a hurry

I am traveling at God’s speed

I am powered by Holy Ghost jet fuel

I am high on God

I am smiling often 🙂

I am U.R.Y. –>

Up ^

Relaxed ~

Yes !

I am in the ‘Shalom Zone’ –> Peace + Prosperity are upon me.

I am walking in the newness of life.

I am able to sense Your working.

I am strengthened by hearing, believing, abiding, and obeying the Word of Truth.

I am a ‘ spirit of power + love + self control, not of fear of man’ (2 Tim 1:7)

I am bold yet meek

I am strong yet flexible

I am free yet controlled

I am passionate yet thoughtful

I am endowed with greatness yet humble

I am rejoicing yet fearful of the LORD

I am successful yet challenged

I am Spirit filled yet in flesh

I am new yet old

I am more by being less

I am in contact with Jesus and His mighty resurrection power flows thru me!


i am not

i know I AM

so I am.

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