God is faithful… 1 Corinthians 10:13

My Pondering

God will most certainly do His big part, we need not to neglect our part of this equation.

Oh God, help each of us overcome the rocky hard soil, fight off the thieving black birds who try to steal what You have bestowed, and cultivate our seeds to bountiful crops which manifest 100x.

Let us plant, water, pray, and work effectively but it’s by Your power that we overcome the evil one, have exponential increase and the ultimate victory.

We ought to obey God… Acts 5:29b

My Pondering

Yes indeed. Obedience, good works, is the opposite side of the coin of faith. It’s critical not just a mild suggestion as Jesus emphatically stated, ‘If you love me you will obey my commandments.’ This obedience isn’t some natural thing we add to our routing rather is much more and better than that; it’s supernatural!

Not only are we believers to put God before men, we are also to put God foremost before self (the old man, the corrupt flesh) and certainly the devil, who duped Eve & Adam. He is quite deceptive and often disguised as something attractive and lusty to aforementioned flesh trapping us with an intimate personal weakness with one or more of the following:

  • Lust of our eyes (sex outside of marriage & other inappropriate sexual behaviors)
  • Pride of our ego
  • Lure of ill-gotten money
  • Addiction to power & control over others
  • Escapement of realty (often recreational drugs)
  • Other defiant, deviant sinful acts

As we followers of Jesus fully commit our new self, our will, disciplining unto Christ we ought to specifically and intentional practice these 6 spiritual disciplines:

  • Prayer – unto the Father, in Spirit, by the name of Jesus (A.C.T.S.)
  • Bible – study & memorizing His Word
  • Meditation – of God in His wide & deep world
  • Worship – unto God corporately & privately in both spirit & truth
  • Service – giving sacrificial & graciously of our time, talent & treasure to other people
  • Fasting – from food & pleasures

Those are essential components of a healthy religion for they should be performed ‘religiously’. Yes, I used the ‘R’ word. The word religion gets a bad wrap from plenty of people. It’s simply our interpretation and implementation of these principles into our life. Maybe that’s why people are so down on it?

With that said, let’s not neglect the relationship element of our Christian life which stems from responding to God in loving faith. We should love because God loved us and still does love us first. In that love, we abide, have faith and trust. In this foremost love, we have access to God 24/7 and that’s the relationship component. It’s a godly mindset, attitude and state of being to and from our core essence.

The bottom line is we need BOTH a loving dynamic Relationship with Jesus Christ and fervently engage in Religious spiritual disciplines to excel as a Christian.

If these words I wrote mean something, you have a helpful thought or you are interested in seeking a relationship with Jesus, I would love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or message here. – Kirk

Salvation – Acts 4:12

My Pondering

‘It is what it is’ because ‘He is Who He is’ for ‘all He has done’.

The bottom line is there is ONLY one name that saves for that is at the Father’s command by the indwelling of the Spirit at the name of the Son – JESUS.

If you haven’t as yet, is there not a better time than right now to get right with Jesus who is the right hand of God almighty?

Just grab a Bible like this one, pray and start reading in John 1:1, In the beginning…

If this blog of mine helped you in any way or I might be able to point you in the right direction, leave me a comment below or send a message.

You test the mind and heart – Psalms

My Pondering

Some think (or don’t think) falsely that God is some inatimate thing or a happenstance karma dealer. To the contrary, we see in this passage He is one whom tests both our thoughts and emotional motivations. He can read us better than we ourselves. He knows all there is. He is a person and this Person wants to have a real relationship with you and I.

He is a righteous judge, who sooner or later sees that what ‘goes around, comes around’. Is it peculiar that God feels? Let alone has indignation? No, He is a person.

My prayer: Lord, guide and help me to consistently pass your tests. I want to win to put a smile on your face and in no way ignite your wrath from causing indignation on my behalf. Unfortunetly I realize this is inevetiable one way or another. For this, thank you and Jesus for grace.