Strive to enter the strait gate… Luke 13:24

My Pondering

We have must have role to play in our sanctification or Jesus would not have said this and other similar. We are to abide, which is not be passive nor faint, there is a stark difference. It all begins and ends with a real relationship with our Christ.

Is there anything leading you astray for the one and only Way, the Truth and the Light…none other than our Savior, the Son of God – Jesus Christ?

My Spiritual Birthday 9/9/1995

Today is my birthday! My 27th spiritual one!

On Wed, 9/6/95 I lost my job (got fired for trying to save a big job), the next day – I lost my car (the engine blew), the very next day – I lost my wife (she walked out on me)…but the next morning, God turned a terrible week into my most glorious. PTL!

I am forever grateful to Jesus…

…and Pastor Ken Troutman, who said to me on Saturday 9/9/95 @ approx 9:50am, ‘I don’t know all your problems, but what I do know is that all YOU need to know is in this Bible. Would you like to know more about it?’

I said, ‘Yes’ and the Spirit of God did His marvelous work, a miracle indeed.
He made the impossible; all possible, as I was born again that Saturday morning.

See the Bible, John 3:1-16.
Born Once Die Twice (B1D2) or Born twice, Die Once (B2D1).
The choice is yours. No decision is a choice too. Choose wisely.
Yes, God gave us the free will and responsibility of certain choice but out sovereign God keeps control of the consequences.

If YOU want to know more, let me know.

It would by my honor and duty, for one who is full to tell another where he found the bread.

Decision Principles gleaned from the Book of Ruth by Adrian Rogers

Our decisions largely determine our destiny.

3 Decision Principles:

  1. We have free will to choose many things.
  2. We must choose as we are not free not to choose. No decision is by defacto a decision indeed.
  3. We are not free to choose the consequences of our decisions.

Here is a great sermon regarding such:
Please listen to this broadcast It Is Decision that Determines Destiny | Part 1 on the Oneplace app!

In this message, Adrian Rogers uses the Book of Ruth to reveal how our decisions determine our destiny.

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And don’t miss Part 2 🙂

Redemption requires the correct response

My Pondering

Chris’s work on the cross was sufficient for all who repent and believe. Taking communion is a remembrance of His pierced body and pure blood that was shed as the final sacrifice.

Life is in the blood.

By faith, Christ’s righteousness becomes ours. It’s that simple and that marvelous.

God created it all and He reigns.

Sadly, man rebelled and we each inherited that.

Thankfully, God the Father didn’t leave us in such a dire predicament and sent His Son; Jesus Christ for redemption.

So how have you responded to this good news, the Gospel, this far?

Ultimately, we have two choices to respond:

1) Repent and believe


2) Scoff and rebel

Too learn more about that, check out this online resource:

or leave me a reply below.

Forever, O LORD, Your word is firmly fixed in the Heavens.

My Pondering

The Psalmist wasn’t disillusioned or off kilter when he wrote “forever, oh Lord, Your word is firmly fixed in the heavens”. God’s word is His way, His promise and His will; that will never be thwarted.

He has given us the gift, and the curse, of a (semi) free well yet He reigns in spite of and because of our actions and in-actions, we remain His servants, willing vessels or not, He controls what matters most; time, space, and matter as He so desires.

This is one reason that abortion on demand is so wrong. It usurps and is an abuse of our free will. We aren’t God. We shouldn’t take an innocent person’s life, born or not. There is life in the blood, in that of a beating heart, with his or her own unique DNA and everlasting, God breathed soul.

The world is broken, if you haven’t noticed. It’s still beautiful, God still loves it and us (see John 3:16), but until Christ comes back and God wipes the slate and recreates it for good, we are caught in the ultimate paradox between good and evil.

Willing or unwilling, we serve at the pleasure of God. The question is will we be good servants or bad servants?

Word over World

Let’s Pray

PS – Did you notice, ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth, as in heaven’ relevance?

You are loved

God is a God of unlimited abundance and love. He deserves and demands we seek Him will ALL if hearts, soul, mind and strength for we were created for this very purpose.

I don’t likely know who you are or that when and if you are reading this post right now but God does. He cares and His word promises His love. If you haven’t and aren’t living for and loving Him in return, there is no time like the present. He awaits. His word is forever but the time for your salvation is not. Why not today, why not now.