Keys to Marriage

Keys to 31 Years of Marriage

  1. Hang in there – if you quit at 25 years, you’ll never make it to 31.
  2. Commit to the marriage – sometimes you may not feel like being committed to your mate.
  3. Make it a lifetime commitment, with no option for quitting. Then 31 years is a slam-dunk, if you don’t kill each other first.
  4. Communication is a key; spend your lifetime working on it.
  5. Learn each other’s love language, and gain an appreciation for your spouse’s.
  6. Husbands, commit to loving your wives; wives, commit to respecting your husbands.
  7. Recognize that your expectations may be unrealistic, and be flexible.
  8. Deal with difficult subjects at calm times.
  9. Keep humor in the marriage; it helps when dealing with difficult issues.
  10. Christ is the focus of a healthy marriage and of each person in the marriage. Bring every problem to Christ first, then to your spouse.

Additional note:

               Unity – when I die to self, and you die to self, and we’re both filled with the same Holy Spirit

I think these principles will work for the next year of your marriage, and if you continue to follow them, who knows how many years you will achieve!


Demarcation line

God wants Christian warriors for His glory not easy fodder for the devil.

Fight for Him and He’s got your back in ALL you do!

There is a war happening.

Sailor, are you on the dock of the bay, in a lil dingy on a piddly pond, reclining on a cruise ship or mustered on a battle ship? (I must admit, I spend time on all four).

Our shield is faith, our belt is truth, our weapon is the Word and we fight in Love.

Ephesians 6 is so good, don’t you agree?

What do you work and fight for?

Me? God’s glory, America as I know, my wife and family, my business and team, my church, & my new man in me.

Like Solomon said, there is a time for everything (war/peace, plant/harvest, work/rest, etc) but if you think everything is about you, your comfort, and your chill then that is a problem.

If it were easy, none of us would be necessary yet if it were all hard, we aren’t connected to Him.

What truth, what simplicity, what wonder, what paradox is this life like sovereignty / freewill.

I am awestruck in the mystery’s of God yet we must get busy for there is plenty of work to be done, while the Son is shining.

Success is never final, failure is never fatal.

It’s courage that counts.

(Until the game ending buzzer sounds – KB)

John Wooden

If it’s to be, it’s up to He and me!

What say you?

Pondering Psalms 52:8

Psalms 52:8 — 9
“But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God.
I trust in the steadfast love of God forever and ever.
I will thank you forever, because you have done it.
I will wait for your name, for it is good, in the presence of the godly.”

My take: Olive trees in Israel where highly prized and robust. So this a good thing 🙂 How do you feel in the House of God? If you don’t attend reguraly and feel like him, why not? So many good choices we have. I would love to spend some time worshipping with David. I can only imagine. Yet, that isn’t too far fetched to experience giving God praise with King David in eternity some golden day.

I so appreciate David’s candor and love for God; for his love of God’s steadfast love. I can be fickle, David too but not God. His love is true, pure and long suffering.

Yes, God, God alone in three wonderful Persons, has done it. IT! For He is the Great I AM! He vows to thank Him forever. Will you join me in doing such as we wait on His precious name?

My prayer: Heavenly Host, Your name is revered by billions including me. Thank You for caring and knowing my name. I shall exalt Your forevermore!

Notes: The olive was one of the main elements in ancient Israelite cuisine. Olive oil was used for not only food and cooking, but also lighting, sacrificial offerings, ointment, and anointment for priestly or royal office.[24]

The olive tree is one of the first plants mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and in the Christian Old Testament, and one of the most significant. It was an olive leaf that a dove brought back to Noah to demonstrate that the flood was over (Book of Genesis, 8:11). The olive is listed in Deuteronomy 8:8 as one of the seven species that are noteworthy products of the Land of Israel.[25]

I think is interesting the olive tree is an evergreen.