Be like Smokey

Where there is no wood, the fire goes out;
And where there is no talebearer, strife ceases.
As charcoal is to burning coals, and wood to fire,
So is a contentious man to kindle strife.

My pondering: Fire has its purpose when controlled. No doubt, conflict is bound to occur when you do almost anything which is bold, new or daring. But we are wise to understand the difference between fodder and principle; between fools and truth seekers.

Any fool can start a fire. A wise man understands when and where it’s purposeful and albeit sometimes inevitable yet he picks his battle fires precisely instead of carelessly, which Smokey would certainly approve.

So if we remove the brush and kindling around us that so easily ignites forest fires in our hearts and others, we all are better off.

Clear the brush!

Wisdom – Proverbs 24:3-6

“Through wisdom a house is built,
And by understanding it is established;
By knowledge the rooms are filled
With all precious and pleasant riches.
A wise man is strong,
Yes, a man of knowledge increases strength;
For by wise counsel you will wage your own war,
And in a multitude of counselors there is safety.”

Mercy and Truth – Psalms 25:10

Here is a vivid display of God’s character and the backbone of how we should live. Once we move from the basics of blatant good and evil (a huge contrast of life) we can deal with finer contrasts, like this one; mercy and truth.

No doubt God handles these two apparent opposites so marvelously. I am always interested to see how God handles these things and try to learn so I can apply in my own life.


Think about MERCY. Mediate and ponder upon the meaning of mercy.

Its a lot like grace but different. They are word sisters. I feel like mercy is something we ask for and grace is something bestowed upon us. Regardless, they are kin and so refreshing and peaceful.

Life is a struggle and I thank God for mercy.

How does mercy speak to you?

(Please share in the comments below?)


Upon the very next step comes TRUTH.

What is truth?

Jesus is truth personified. Facts, principles, the way of nature, science are also truth. Truth is not situational. Truth is stubborn and staunch. It never waivers. It is what it is! Like it or not, it doesn’t change.

He or she who ignores the absolute truth in any situation is a fool and is running contrary to the grand design, at one’s own peril. Sooner or later, this side or the other… the truth shall be revealed. Let’s not just hope but work to be behind it and not before its sharp cutting edge.

Though truth can be hard it also very comforting. In we can know things for sure and helps us gain traction by getting a good grip on reality.

Last but certainly not least, we better not miss the big caveat at the end of this verse…this applies to those who keep. Who keep His covenants, His promise. Those who trust and are faithful and obedient. Those who exercise their belief in real life.

Let’s be thankful God is a God of truth and One of mercy. The perfect balance.

How might this relate to you?

Success Preferences and PrinciplesĀ 

With preferences; seek to please. With principles; require unity. 

In preferences; diversity and opportunity. In principles; foundation and standard. 

Similar to wants vs. needs are preferences vs. principles. 

My wants are preferences and my needs are principles.

A fool confuses them while the wise rightly disern and act accordingly. 

So long as I remain active and content, I am confident God shall satisfy my needs. 

Take the best, leave the rest. 

Give your best, in faith and zest! 

If it’s to be 

It’s up to me 

and more so fill

God’s wonderful will

While my performance will never be perfect nor fully satisfying, as I seek to please God in love and obedience. I see His grace filling the gaps and the Spirit guiding where I need to be. I am moving from me to Thee for His great glory. 

All I can do, is all I can do. But all I can do is enough, Lord willing (and I trust and verify He is).

I realize by serving other peoples needs well, I will get what I need and often times 

what want as well for what goes around, comes around, sooner or later. 

May my wants be God’s preference. 

In all things love. 

Kirk A. Booher

PS I preach not always where I am but rather where I am going.

Overwork / Mis-Understand

We should always seek balance though we will never find it perfectly. Just like over exercising, over eating, sleeping too much and even over working can be a problem.

If we think we are too busy to pray and seek God’s council, we are foolish. Sometimes we need to slow down, reflect and relax so that we can get further, not just by our understanding but by tapping into and trusting God. This definently has been an issue for me. God can do more for us in one second than we can for ourselves in a lifetime but God normally wants to work through people for whatever reason He deems so.

Are we not wise to take time to align our thoughts and abide in His power verse trying to do everything in our own limited power?

The Bible and nature can teach us everthing we need to know. Everything else worthy is a supplement and much else is a distraction.

We are recommended to:
and work but not overwork.

What’s your share your experience or take on this?

Diligent Fervant Servant – Romans 12:10-11

“Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another; not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord;” Romans 12:10-11

“I am a kind, loving and honoring diligent fervant servant”

Kindly affectionating
Brotherly loving
Honoring by giving preference

Diligence – attending to details, organized, following through, seeing projects to completion, capable
Fervant – passionate, emotional, energetic, enthusiastic, intent, strong drive, spirited
Serving – delivering valuable service, other peoples needs important, working humbly, listening to please

the Lord – Father, Son and Spirit
Christians – unity in the Spirit
Others – created by God

Dont waste time on foolishness – Proverbs 20:3

There is a difference between vain, superfluous arguments and leaning into and sharing essentials and principles. One needs to discern the difference between sincere desire to know truth and pretentious prideful one to argue and fuss for the sincere sake of argument, which is a waste of time and energy.

Its wise to have the right gear (training) and purpose (mindset goal) when tracking on snow and ice, which is like when fools are engaged . Rational people are like walking on solid dry ground and fools like slick muddy ground.

-Seek first to understand.
-Ask smart questions.
-Stick to essential principles.
-Maintain a pleasant tone, until the line of attack has been crossed and rights intruded upon. Be slow to anger but righteous anger does have its limited place but should not be burning on pure emotions. It should rather be on logic. Emotions are like kindling to a fire whereas thought is hardwood.
-Act with a purpose and end goal in mind.
-Always stive for win/win/win.


These are mine. What are YOURS?

Affirmations are important as we have the ability to set our minds and control our thoughts.

I like my Affirmations in the 1st person and they should be spoken regularly and audibly. Also, its extra good to write them out over and over. It can’t hurt to have a 2nd set in the 2nd person (you are…) and 3rd on 3rd person (he is….).

Read, say and write them with emotional conviction.

If you BE it…. then you will SEE it, if its meant to be. That’s a fact IF you believe it and God wills it.