Limitless book study

Fellow Ponderer, if you arent familiar with this book, I highly recommend. If you like it, dig in and read / listen (for you Audible consumers) the chapter on Focus.

I am involved with a small Zooming group who is doing a book study on it. Next mtg is Friday the 14th at 2pm, for approximately 1 hr.

Contact me to discuss mindest and details

Boldness and Brokeness

I had the good fortune to participate in Promise Keepers event this weekend. I gleaned much from it.

This bit resonated with me and I hope it does you too.

Boldness apart from brokenness is being a bully

Brokenness apart from boldness is being a bystander

Boldness and brokenness (Grace) is being a bridge

May we build bridges of grace that support the weight of truth in love.

Jim Rohn: The Mindset And Attitude Of Thinking Wealthy

I am active in a Biblical Theology on Facebook. Most of the people in it are very passionate, opinionated and outliers. Some are doctrinally sound and others far out.

In response to some outlandish replies regarding this Jim Rohn video, one of the finest, grounded and best motivational speakers of the 20th century, very much in line with Zig Ziglar, and who was until his death a Christian, the best I can tell and you may gather from listening yourself.

I wanted to share my reply to this post and others replies about him be ‘new age’ and degrading almost anything and everything that isnt a scripture, which most dont agree on core fundamentals regardless. So here it is:

There are a lot of people in this group would benefit from heading the advice in this quote by Jim Rohn and content in the video…you know, the Bible is divine, holy and awesome and my favorite book that I read most everyday, however its not the only place to learn and find wisdom.

There are many laws that work only when applied and many secular people are using them for gain and many of you just want to argue about the same old stuff, which much of which is important, but only when applied. Like the parable of the talents.

Go out and do something amazing in the world. Its the only place we got right now.

If this post fits, wear it.
If it doesn’t, don’t.

And Kevin, Think and Grow Rich is a fine book. Its not the Gospel but there are a lot of good ideas in there we can use for His glory and our benefit. I personally like Laws of Success better by the same author, Napoleon Hill.

Bottom line;
take the best…leave the rest.

Go out in the world and be awe-some because God is awe-all.