Pursue Perfect

“Basically just be an absolute perfectionist about the product you make or the services provided, If you don’t love it, don’t expect others will, either.”

Elon Musk

My Take: Pursuing perfect is like chasing God. In one sense, we are never up to the task. On the other, the practice – the effort, makes us better.

Again, life balance is so delicate. We should pursue and almost be obsessed by it yet on the hand, we are foolish to allow imperfect but good work not to be finished or even started.

MVP are won by starting with MVPs. Most Valuable Players are won by launch with Minimum Viable Products. We all have to launch and start somewhere.

Brand and perspective

Elon is the e-man.

I totally get that and especially like as my focus word of the year is PERSPECTIVE.

Brand is a huge part of that!

I like how he said our perception will match reality…at least often if we are patient and persistent in a winning perspective, which no one in American business can claim that any greater than Elon.

Talk about having a BHAG Goal…Mars.

Selling as a sport

Maybe those in sales can relate to this sports, pitch and catch analogy.

We should ‘keep the ball rolling’ with good sports until they dont wanna play or the ball goes flat or busted beyond repair.

Its fine to pump it up a couple times but dumb to continue play with a sales ball that doesn’t hold air.

Unwise sales people spend precious time and energy trying to knock the ball out of unqualified or uninterested prospects hands. Like football players trying to cause fumbles or basketball players grabbing for steals and picking up stupid fouls.

Yeah, they might get one here and there but not near as many as an open receiver or hitting a spot up 3.