American Heritage – June 22 – Robert E Lee

Even noble men, God fearing men can be terribly wrong. We have the benefit of time to view his actions yet still he had a choice and he chose his State over freedom and liberty of his black brethren.

The Constitution protected the rights of the Southern States.

And what rights? The right to enslave fellow human beings against their will?

He made a terrible error yet was still a great man. There is a lot we can learn, like being a devout person of prayer.

Social Media Sharing

A comment regarding my Social Media Posting from a friendly customer on Instagram.

“I very much enjoy your family, friend & travel photos. I & my other Instagram friends only post these type photos. Any way you can exclude me from your other type posts? Best, [a friend]”

My response to friend:

“Sorry, its all or none. It’s who I am or aspire to be. I talk about and share what I love and think about.

I appreciate your tact and sentiment but I must respectfully decline to censor my posts.

My feelings aren’t irreparable harmed and I understand from your point of view. I realize plenty of people, like some of my family and other friends for would rather keep Social Media to what you mentioned.

I also understand some folk tune out or tune off and that’s their prerogative. Hopefully there are no hard feelings either way.

Best indeed, Kirk”

On LinkedIn, I do refrain from post a lot of religious or political content because its purpose is business vs FB and Instagram are holistic, in my opinion.

How do you handle you social media?