The movie, “The Apostle”

My pondering

You wont be sorry if you watch this film with an inquiring mind.

You might wanna watch it a few times over time.

At first, it made me kinda mad.
Then it made me kinda glad.
Then it made me wonder what this imperfect person, Kirk, could do if I was fully committed, wherever I was. From the car wreck, baptism in the river, church plant, his buddy’s salvation, and to prison.

Sonny was all in, all out!

Nice work there Mr Robert Duvall and crew.

Small thing strength

Small, faithful and subtle can things make a big impact over time. Take for example water. It can cut through mountains and forge rivers. You can also soak stuff in it to make it pliable.

Another great example is the mighty atom. Split it over and over and we have ginormous power.

A third is the power of small consistent habits.

I highly recommend the book Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Midnight Mass Movie Series – My review from a Christian perspective.

Spoiler Alert

This series is streaming on Netflix currently. Its rather disturbing, frustrating, vulgar, crude and in a sense blasphemous.

At the same time, it is real, beautiful cinematography, some wonderful scenes and puzzling. It’s definitely gritty.

I watch about 5 episodes tonight and not sure if I am going to watch the next.

Here is my video take of it:

I would like to hear your thoughts as a Christian, Atheist of otherwise, so long as your comments are thoughtful & decent. Profanity will be deleted because it is my blog and I heard way too much in this movie series.

The New Great Depression by James Richards

A solid read for those who want to be prepared. Not all doom and gloom but an articulate studied realist POV. I really liked the last cpl chapters and his recommendations financially and asset allocation recommendation.

Winners adapt and make it happen.
Losers just watch and let it happen.
The ignorant are clueless and have no idea what just happened.
Let’s be winners!