The New Great Depression by James Richards

A solid read for those who want to be prepared. Not all doom and gloom but an articulate studied realist POV. I really liked the last cpl chapters and his recommendations financially and asset allocation recommendation.

Winners adapt and make it happen.
Losers just watch and let it happen.
The ignorant are clueless and have no idea what just happened.
Let’s be winners!

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was powerful man in so many ways. His auto bio is a solid read for history buffs. It really helped me get a bit of understanding of what it may have been like to be a slave in America.

It’s amazing what a person can do if he or she is really motivated.

If he can do all that under such bondage what more can I do without such?

Out of shadows

The guy who produced this documentary gave his testimony at a church in Indy Sunday night. How he came to the Lord is amazing! He was one of the most successful stunt men in Hollywood but gave it all up to follow God. 

Before that, he was living the American Dream. Lucrative career, beautiful home with pool in Southern California, was friends with the most successful producers, directors and actors in Hollywood. When he visited their houses, he started noticing a lot of occult symbols. It started him on a path which resulted in uncovering the connections between Hollywood and Washington, DC, and to the occult and child trafficking. This is not a Republican or Democrat thing. This is long, but worth the watch. He used his own money to produce this, with some donations. He is not making a profit from this.

My Heart, Christ’s Home by Rob Boyd Munger

I came across this book many years ago and it really impacted me.

This may not be the best acting or production in the world but it point is undeniable and portrays Munger’s book succinctly and vividly.

Here is link to the whole book read aloud:

And you can buy it for a couple bucks here:

If you watched the video, listened or read the book, what do you think about it?