The Empowered Man

The Empowered Man
There is something simmering deep inside the soul of all Americans. We want to know that we are a free people; that the government acknowledges our individual rights; that fiscal responsibility is an absolute requirement. We want our presidents and politicians to mean what they say when they take the oath of office…”to defend the Constitution of the United States!”

Do we have freedom when half the country pays taxes to support the other half?
Do we have freedom when government regulates every aspect of our lives?
Do we have freedom when our currency is controlled by a corporation that has no accountability to the American people?
Do we have freedom when we have more debt than can possibly be repaid?

The government bureaucracy is to a point where it is no longer worth what the tax payer is required to maintain it. I wonder how many Americans realize they have sold our God given freedoms for a mess of pottage.

I hope everyone will see themselves as the Empowered Man. It makes no difference whether you are a man or woman, how old you are, or the color of your skin. You must decide to no longer be silent, to get off your bench, pick up that Constitution and hold it high in the air as a standard for the world to see. Don’t hold back! Don’t be silent! You are the future of this nation and without YOU, the American dream will perish.

Jon McNaughton

Are Public Schools Modern Religious Institutions?

Former US Attorney General William Barr gave an outstanding speecha couple of weeks ago covering several key points on education and religious freedom.   Barr raises the thought-provoking question asking if today’s public schools have become religious schools promoting the orthodoxy of secularism.  

        I would strongly encourage you to watch and consider this 24-minute speech in response to an award given to him by Alliance Defending Freedom, one of the nation’s premier religious liberty organizations.

       Barr also does a very good job of succinctly addressing Critical Race Theory, one of the hottest topics across America today.

         In the speech, Barr quickly lays out five points about Critical Race Theory as repackaged Marxism. He states:

“But the progressive gender and sexuality agenda only begins to scratch the surface of what is now being taught in government-run schools. In recent years, public schools across the country have rushed to embrace the so-called “Critical Race Theory.” CRT is nothing more than the materialist philosophy of Marxism substituting racial antagonism for class antagonism.

 It postulates all the same things as traditional Marxism:
1.   That there are meta-historical forces at work.
2.   That social pathologies are due to societal conventions and power structures that have to be destroyed.
3.   That conflict between the oppressed and the oppressors provides the dynamic and progressive movement of history.
4.   And that individual morality is determined by where one fits in with the impersonal movement of these historical forces.

5. Just as everyone, from the Catholic Church on, has observed traditional Marxism, this philosophy is fundamentally incompatible with Christianity. It posits a view of man and his relation to society and to other individuals that is antithetical to the Christian view.”

Written by Micah Clark,

American Heritage – June 7 – Cartwright

Wow there sure is a lesson or two in this brief story. One is that not only were the slaves, certainly more so, hindered and suffered by this terrible scourge of slavery in the society but also the owners were cursed as well.

Frederick Douglass so eloquently and coarsely shared this in his bio.

Sometimes we have to give up, to go up.