Traitors or Patriots?

Were our founders unpatriotic terrorists or noble rebels?

This proclamation speaks to that, if you had any doubt or looking for a solid confirmation.

Furthermore, it speaks boldly to those who falsely claim the founders were not mostly Christians. The evidence is overwhelming that this country was founded upon Judeo Christian principles along with Greek philosophical form of government which was most inspired from above and implemented here.

A hybrid Republic Democracy government the USA has.

We do not have a pure democracy in the USA, as some politicians are spouting off to eliminate the Electoral College. It’s in place for an important reason.

The founders set us up as a Republic based upon Democracy. Its a hybrid.

As they cross checked the three branches of power (executive, legislative and judicial), they also did with majority (democracy) and representative (republic) control.

This is also why we have an electoral college to balance out the popular vote. Furthermore, we have 2 groups which make up Congress, the House (based on population of each state) and the Senate (2 per state).

Washington words confirm this Republic.

Dual citizenship

To every American Christian:

We are on the same team. Let’s not let anything divide us. Red, White and Blue are our nations colors here and beyond.

Let’s not forget the United States of America is just our temporary home. We hold dual citizenship.

We each bleed RED and covered by the precious blood of Christ. Whatever our flesh color is it is marred as its infected by the sin virus.

Our sins have been made WHITE as snow by Jesus’s work on the cross. Our God is off the cross and dwells in the bright WHITE of life.

Let’s keep looking up into the BLUE sky which is where our help comes from and Heaven awaits.

God has named every STAR and loves you more than all of them. By His STRIPES, we are healed.

Rise and fall

I am fully persuaded our country, and most of modern world, is feeling the pains of its stready seperation with the God of the Bible.

He hasn’t moved, we have.

This past Saturday there were two horrific shootings in the cities El Paso and Dayton. Unfortunately, these have become all too common.

No doubt the lack of quality parenting coupled with 24/7 access to violent TV, movies, music and video games many people are lacking self control and are desensitized to violence and prone to snap.

Compounding the problem are the huge increase with people on mind altering drugs, much of which is prescribed.

The US of America needs to repent and get back to the basics. We need to rediscover our roots and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thankfully, there still is significant percentage of born-again believers and a culture of Christianity, however we are a now a minority, a sub culture.

Our problem is not gun control rather its self control. Self control is a fruit of the Spirit. The bottom line is love. Love doesn’t kill the innocent indiscriminately.

God whispers in our success and comfort, He speaks routinely, often through nature, in everyday life and He screams in pain

God is calling. He just screamed this past weekend. Is anyone listening?

The choice of government

Dems Food and Reps Rungs

“I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

~Thomas Jefferson

There is a stark difference between a hand-up vs. hand-out and between a safety net and hammock. Government nor anyone should do what a person can and should do themselves.

Anything else is socialism and enablement which leads to mediocrity at best and a horrible collapse at worst.