Socialism sucks eggs

I shared a post in an entrepreneur FB group I am in highlighting the difference between Capitalism vs Socialism (same with its ugly sister: Communism). Anyhow, in a short period the supporters were like 13 – 2. However, the loudest wrote some vulgar and derogatory comments, none of which actually made a positive case for the tenets of Socialism.

This is the dreaded post

You know, if we as a country continue to follow the likes of Biden, Pelosi, AOC and the rest of the Democratic Socialist Party, this is what we are going to likely to experience…another Venezuela. Venezuela, like Cuba before Communism, was a thriving place when democratic and semi-capitalistic. They practiced many of the same techniques like locking up and raiding their opponents.

In the little example I posted, the opponents to Free Enterprise, didn’t espouse the merits of their idea but rather:

“DELETE IT”, “🤬”, “How dare you”, etc. Totally cancel culture. That’s all they got.

Unfortunately, most of BIG media, BIG tech, BIG corportation and BIG government have aligned with the BIG fallen angel to take on the small but mighty who have a BIG, BIGGER and BIGGEST and ONLY GOD. We certainly will lose battles, maybe even this campaign but rest assured – we shall win the war! (Friends, yes there is a war happening – please don’t ignore it).

BTW, I was completely civil and hopefully articulate in my responses to the naysayers, but they claimed (albeit falsely) to FB that my post was ‘Harassment’. Snowflakes ❄️ I am telling you but truly cold 🥶 ones. FB apparently deleted it.

I am still on FB but have also moved on to MeWe (come join) and my wordpress blog,, as well.
IF its to BE, its up to ME and THEE.

PS. I fully realize ALL Dems and Libs don’t hate God, America 🇺🇸 and Free Enterprise but all too often, that is what I am observing. On that point, I hope the tides turns.

Aunt Jemima – Canceled Cultured

Aunt Jemima: The branding of the syrup was a tribute to this woman’s gifting and talents. Now future generations will not even know this beautiful woman existed. What a shame.

The world knew her as “Aunt Jemima,” but her given name was Nancy Green and she was a true American success story. She was born a slave in 1834 Montgomery County, KY… and became a wealthy superstar in the advertising world, as its first living trademark.

Green was 56-yrs old when she was selected as spokesperson for a new ready-mixed, self-rising pancake flour and made her debut in 1893 at a fair and exposition in Chicago. She demonstrated the pancake mix and served thousands of pancakes… and became an immediate star. She was a good storyteller, her personality was warm and appealing, and her showmanship was exceptional. Her exhibition booth drew so many people that special security personnel were assigned to keep the crowds moving.

Nancy Green was signed to a lifetime contract, traveled on promotional tours all over the country, and was extremely well paid. Her financial freedom and stature as a national spokesperson enabled her to become a leading advocate against poverty and in favor of equal rights for folks in Chicago.

She maintained her job until her death in 1923, at age 89.
This was a remarkable woman… and she has just been ERASED by politically correct liberals.

What we need…

“We do not need more intellectual power, we need more moral power. We do not need more knowledge, we need more character. We do not need more government, we need more culture. We do not need more law, we need more religion. We do not need more of the things that are seen, we need more of the things that are unseen…. If the foundation is firm, the superstructure will stand.”

— Calvin Coolidge

The New Great Depression by James Richards

A solid read for those who want to be prepared. Not all doom and gloom but an articulate studied realist POV. I really liked the last cpl chapters and his recommendations financially and asset allocation recommendation.

Winners adapt and make it happen.
Losers just watch and let it happen.
The ignorant are clueless and have no idea what just happened.
Let’s be winners!