3 F’s of Decision Making

My wife was talking this morning about a decision she had and used the 3 F’s. It struck me well so I wanted to write and think about it. This is what I came up with.

For me, I usually like to start facts. The known variables and parameters my 5 senses can discern with relative accuracy. If its a more complex and highly important decision, I like to use a weighted comparison chart like this one.

The important thing is not where you start (facts, feelings or faith) but that you use all three to process.

So once I have compiled the relevant information, I calculate a logical and best solution. Then I take some time to gauge how I and others I know, like and trust feel / think about it. Once I got a feel for it I move or triple check my faith.

In all actuality, I am looking for confirmation in my spirit from beginning to end. As as believer, I am trying to gain a sense of how the Holy Spirit is guiding me. Taking time to pray (always), meditate (being still) and fast (denying the body for greater focus, especially for big decisions) then I hopefully have a nudge one way or the other.

In using this process, there should be a synergy if it’s a right decision. I don’t believe there is usually or rarely ever a ‘Perfect’ decision but a calculated, gut feel one that takes us closer to our defined purpose and manifesting destiny.

Once the opportunity is accessed with the available facts, has the right feel and is congruent with your faith, go for it! Not a moment before nor after. For it was indecision and indecisiveness that killed the proverbial cat. More often than not, making a decent decision is better than doing nothing if amazing success is your goal vs mediocre get-by.

I want to travel and move at God’s speed. Ultimately, because of (or in some cases despite our feel will), God is sovereign. We are free to make our decisions, just not the consequences. He keeps that. When it’s all said and done, this verse sums it up; “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not to your understanding (for we a in large part finite beings). In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your plans.” – Proverbs 3:5-6, according to my memory. (Hey, look it up for yourself and make it yours)

If you have any decision making tips, hacks or stories, I sure would like to read them. Borrowing from other people’s experience (OPE) is a big part of why I do this and hopefully why you are reading this. S

o please comment and share, share, share!


Some things are better off ignored than attacked. Attention is the oxygen of conflict. When you fight the problem, you breathe into it. When you starve a problem of your attention, you suffocate it. In a surprising number of cases, the way to solve the problem is to ignore it.

James Clear

Discernment is so critical.

Like fire, some naturally die out on their own especially if in a fire pit or other contained area while others might kill and do serious harm left unintended. Perhaps burn the house down or wipe out a whole forest.

Too bad most aren’t like the fire in my gas grill. Knowing the difference is key. Shutting the lid or thowing a wet or fire blanket takes care of most with a quick glance now and then to confirm.

Demarcation line

God wants Christian warriors for His glory not easy fodder for the devil.

Fight for Him and He’s got your back in ALL you do!

There is a war happening.

Sailor, are you on the dock of the bay, in a lil dingy on a piddly pond, reclining on a cruise ship or mustered on a battle ship? (I must admit, I spend time on all four).

Our shield is faith, our belt is truth, our weapon is the Word and we fight in Love.

Ephesians 6 is so good, don’t you agree?

What do you work and fight for?

Me? God’s glory, America as I know, my wife and family, my business and team, my church, & my new man in me.

Like Solomon said, there is a time for everything (war/peace, plant/harvest, work/rest, etc) but if you think everything is about you, your comfort, and your chill then that is a problem.

If it were easy, none of us would be necessary yet if it were all hard, we aren’t connected to Him.

What truth, what simplicity, what wonder, what paradox is this life like sovereignty / freewill.

I am awestruck in the mystery’s of God yet we must get busy for there is plenty of work to be done, while the Son is shining.

Success is never final, failure is never fatal.

It’s courage that counts.

(Until the game ending buzzer sounds – KB)

John Wooden

If it’s to be, it’s up to He and me!

What say you?

How can God exist if there is evil in the world?

The shadows prove the sunshine. There can be sunshine without shadows, but there can’t be shadows without sunshine. In other words, there can be good without evil, but there can’t be evil without good; and there can’t be objective good without God. So evil may show there’s a devil out there, but it can’t disprove God. Evil actually boomerangs back to show that God exists.

Turek, Frank. Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case (pp. 117-118). NavPress. Kindle Edition.