Freedom according to A. Lincoln

My Pondering

This is truly a great statement.

Lincoln struggled with the timing to emancipate the negro slaves for a long while. It was a precarious situation as we were in a great war and he needed all the support he could muster to win. He was deeply concerned if the Union emancipated the slaves, the border states would defect to the Confederate side. So he was stuck between the stallworth northern abolitionist, border states and the other non-war mentalist. What a trying predicament.

Lincoln was desperately needed a victory so that he could do what was on his heart. Actually what the war was really about; emancipation! So after the Union got a victory in Gettysburg, Lincoln made his historic Emancipation Proclamation. And from that point on, the Union began to win. God was indeed on the side of FREEDOM.

We humans are a Dual Trinity

I see our lives as a dual trinity

  1. Head – Guidance (Lead)
  2. Heart – Passion (Core)
  3. Hands – Action (Doing)

  1. Spirit – Supernatural (Eternal)
  2. Soul – Psyche / Emotion (Feelings)
  3. Body – Physical / Mental (Senses)

They are each vital.
They each have their purpose.
Together they create synergy and unlimited potential.

Human gathered data can be helpful but only goes so far.
It must be measured and done so accurately, without bias.
In order to comprehensively understand this creation we are in and are, I believe we need our Creator’s help.