We ALL are rich

Life is not fair. We ALL have our burdens.

Yet, we ALL are rich and blessed in this beautiful mess we call life. Rich and blessed beyond measure.

Think about this before you complain.

How much is a working eye worth? How about two eyes? If you were blind, how much would you pay for your vision? A hundred thousand? Hundred million? Hundred billion if could beg, borrow or whatever?

How much is your nose and smell worth?

How about taste?

Teeth to chew and smile with?

Ears to hear and listen?

How about your heart to pump a few million times?

And to feel all kinds of exilarating emotions?

What your lungs to breath?

All your other organs?

How about your left and right arms, hands, fingers? And thumbs plus finger nails?

Your legs, feet and toes, both of them too?

And dont forget your brain. Earth’s most complex organism which will never be topped by any computer for all that it does in like 7lbs. How much is that worth?

And your hair, well some of you?

I think that adds up a couple trillion maybe more. And what if you applied all that in uninson? What if God blessed all that. What could you do, create and contrive in value?

Then add the value of your soul that is built for eternity?

What about all the relationships and connecting with the Creator of the Universe for forever?

That is A LOT x MORE.

What treasue in earthen vessels.

That is an infinate value and wealth IF we exercise our senses and soul. If we love God and others with ALL of our heart, soul, mind, and strength that would be amazing and mind blowing.

Ponder that!

Sufficiency – 2nd Corinthians 3:5

Analogy: Life is a river with its smooth parts along with rapids. Our relationship with God like being in the kayak vs wading in the river. We float as long as we abide and intentionally bail. The Spirit has us strappes in, guides and protects us. The paddle moves and steers by faith and works (the two ends of one paddle). When we go with God, its like going with the current. Yes there are still rocks and other dangers but nothing like paddling up stream, the way of the world.