We are free to choose but…

My Pondering

We can run but can’t hide 🙈 for long.

Adam and Eve were the first to find that one out.

I see reality this way. Free will a bit of space God carved out for us, as we were created in His image.

We are like His children out in a fenced in back yard. If we hop the fence, we are out of bounds and more or less on our own.

The prodigal son parable comes to mind. God doesn’t want us to leave but He doesn’t usually block us either. Our protection is precarious when we are out of bounds.

Like in sport, there are always penalties for going out of bounds. If we are going to succeed and be a winner, we need to play within the confines of the rules.

Make the best of times

My Pondering

It has been well said,

It’s not so much what happens to you

but rather how you respond to it.

Yes, circumstance matters. Yes, where you where born, to whom, in what time, in what place all matter but what matters most is your response.

This Make the Best of Times guide is a solid reminder to respond accordingly to the One who can actually change things. And also, when we change internally, everything appears different. God is ready, willing and able to assist you will both, as He wills. His will is rooted in loves, as He commands ours to be. That is the bottom line here and henceforth.

What’s the difference between happiness and joy?

I see it as happiness is externally based where as joy is internally based. Joy intrinsic, inside out. Happiness is extrinsic, outside in. Reality is no doubt real as ‘all get out’ while as our perception and response to the real circumstances we face most certainly effect them. Animals react, while we humans, if we are wise, make the time and effort to respond. Making space in between action and reaction while thinking upon this guide is to Make the Best of Times.

Winners make it happen,

losers let it happen,

while the ignorant

are oblivious to what happens.

Go win today!

We win consistently when we respond properly regularly. When we live for God, when we love Him and abide in His purpose, we always win in due time:

And we know that for those who love God

all things work together for good,

for those who are called according to hHis purpose.

Romans 8:28 ESV

I encourage you to copy and paste this meme and use it at all times.

I’d sure like to read that it helped someone and I intend to do the same.

Do you Believe, Trust and Accept…?

My Pondering

It’s the ultimate question…it truly is.

Please, do yourself a favor, the biggest one now and forever.











This is about you yet it’s not.

It’s about what Jesus did for you.

The gift of grace is before you…

…but you, and only you, must believe, trust and accept God’s gift which is opened by faith alone unto Jesus alone. This is the Father’s will for you. You journey begins in the Good Book, like John 1:1 where the Word is revealed.

If this rings true, if it resonates through all the worldly noise…let me, this author know. It would be my privilege and duty to assist as God would help me.