A government without God is modern idolatry.

“We must realize that the Reformation world view leads in the direction of government freedom.

But the humanist world view with inevitable certainty leads in the direction of statism.

This is so because humanists, having no god, must put something at the center, and it is inevitably society, government, or the state.”

Francis A. Schaeffer

In our so-called enlightenment, the self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ are leading us down a slippery slope of BIG government abyss; AKA ‘the swamp’. It is human nature’s natural tendency. That is why they are called humanist. They got it all figured out. No need for an archaic god, which is of course rubbish. Our history is littered with this bunk.

High crime? – William Tyndale

On October 6, 1536, William Tyndale, a man to whom you owe more than you may ever know, was strangled to death while tied at the stake, and then his dead body was burned.

His crime; translating the Holy Bible into English.

The fact that you have a Bible in our language is largely due to his labors, and many of the very phrases you read in it retain the flavor of his understanding of the Greek and Hebrew.

Therefore, let us not take for granted all that we have.

Let us also fully know we have a mortal enemy who prefers to work incognito. Satan is crafty and often warps the minds of men and women with his cunning and wicked enticements.

Just think, that the English Church / Rulers found it just in their eyes to commit such a murder. As did the Jews and Romans did so to Christ.

Yes, governments and societies can be wrong, dead wrong.

American Heritage – October 7 – Alvin York

One of you can put a thousand to flight, because the LORD your God fights for you, just as He promised.

Joshua 23:10

He with His God, caught 130 prisoners! Wonder how many hightailed it out of the sharp shooters way.

Hemingway wrote, “Courage is grace under pressure”. I would add to that, as a reflection upon this amazing achievement, “bold action”.

Courage is bold action with grace under pressure.