Freedom according to A. Lincoln

My Pondering

This is truly a great statement.

Lincoln struggled with the timing to emancipate the negro slaves for a long while. It was a precarious situation as we were in a great war and he needed all the support he could muster to win. He was deeply concerned if the Union emancipated the slaves, the border states would defect to the Confederate side. So he was stuck between the stallworth northern abolitionist, border states and the other non-war mentalist. What a trying predicament.

Lincoln was desperately needed a victory so that he could do what was on his heart. Actually what the war was really about; emancipation! So after the Union got a victory in Gettysburg, Lincoln made his historic Emancipation Proclamation. And from that point on, the Union began to win. God was indeed on the side of FREEDOM.

American Heritage – January 22nd – Our firm foundation as a country – Noah Webster

My Pondering

Unfortunately, way too many are taking their civil liberty 🗽 to attack the institutions which made it all possible. It prompts me to think of a couple tried and true sayings to those who are displeased with our society.

1 “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”

Sure, there are imperfections and issues within our government, society, culture, etc and its a noble thing to expect improvement but its not to abandon or attack it core constructs.

2 “Before you tear down a fence, know well why it was built in the first place.”

We have enemies within our country. That’s an inherent flaw in a (semi) free place. Thankfully our founders were well acquainted with strife, heavy handed government and so forth. Bigger often doesn’t mean better, often it’s worse. So let’s be weary of giving too much power to the Feds.Let’s keep State and Local power and money.

The time is near… George Washington

“The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free people or slaves.” George Washington

Virginia (the home of GW) and NJ took a big step in reclaiming the liberty that was being pealed a away from us on Tuesday.

Do ‘we the people’ really want the Feds in DC controlling our lives and bribing us like the Indians with their trinkets?