Columbus’s calling

Imagine being in his shoes…what a feat and what faith that must have taken. So inspiring. Talk about a BOLD mission and endeavor.

Our work can and should have multiple dimensions and driving factors.

Our religious, commerce and personal motivations can and should be in sync with and for God’s glory.

Fortunate and blessed is the person who has the mindset to integrate these three forces. – Kirk Booher

In 1482 Columbus said the ocean blue. Fact.

Columbus was a human and like all of us; imperfect but no less a great man for this action alone. Read this bit of history.

This is what great men do! (and of course women too…notice the men in wo-men)

So inspiring.

Its frustrating when (non)Progressives alter their teaching in an effort to appease their warped worldview. It is what it is people.