Every day, 🌎 What keeps the planet spinning?

A friend asked this question.

My Pondering

Not only spinning but a precise:

Tilt to the sun
Distance from the sun
With a certain amount of atmosphere
With a certain amount of gravity
While pinning a certain speed
With certain temperature of the sun
With the other planets in their certain spots
With the atoms spinning yet certainly not colliding randomly

and so forth and so on are so many thing connected, dependent, and certainly intertwined that only and amazing Designer could create…and certainly sustain;

All everyday miracles!

How awesome is our God and this same God wants to know you and I personally

The God who created the whole universe from absolutely nothing other than His spoken word

Yeah, He knows everything thing about me and you and everyone past, present and future.

This God wants us to know Him, He desires a relationship with you and me.

Not only that, He desires that we partner with Him to share the Good News, to be His ambassador and spokesperson. His friend and servant.

He wants us to call him Abba, Daddy, and Father.


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