God fashions us humans in the womb -Job 31:15

My Pondering

Does this passage NOT speak to the sanctity of life by Job’s rhetorical questions?

Furthermore, it speaks to the value of all human life which our wise founders framed in our Constitution, which by all people are created equal in the site of God.

This is what made our nation great and the God of the Bible, the greatest and only true God.

Unfortunately, then came along the dreadful, unconstitutional Roe vs Wade decision. It has been well said,

You can rightfully judge the a society in how it treats the least powerful, the most vulnerable among them.


I put forth three questions for you consideration regarding the topic of just abortion.

1. Can there be any more vulnerable and less innocent among us than a pre-born child?

2. Since a pre-born baby has different DNA than his or her’s mother, does not that make the child an unique person?

3. If a pre-child has a beating heart which can sense pain and possesses a soul, doesn’t that make the child a living human?

Are not the answers yes, yes and yes?

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