The LORD takes pleasure… Psalms 147:11

“The LORD takes pleasure in those who fear Him,
in those who hope in His mercy.”
Psalms 147:11

My Pondering

We are trapped in our skin, the flesh of self surrounds us. We were born under sin with it lead dross hopelessly weighing us down beneath the pure and fresh air.

It’s really not our fault as it just happened upon our birth. Yet, it is our responsibility and burden.

We must have a holy fear and respect for God’s awesomeness. Fathom that! It is a recurring theme. So show Him His just due. After-all, the Lord God created everything from nothing, yeah that is something and then some!

He isn’t just awe-some, He is awe-all, at least sooner or later. (Hint – sooner is much better 🙂

So let’s muster up our hope for that brings Him pleasure. His pleasure should be our primary purpose. When we do that, when we give our utmost for His highest, then the loop is complete.

He made it such, that what goes around ⚛️comes around ⚛️, sooner or later. (Again, sooner the better)

The bottom line, is we are under water. We need someone out of this water to save us.

Ponder this meme pic for a moment. Reflect upon this paradoxical verse.

God is awe!

Hope in Him indeed floats! Yes, hope floats.


As a Christian, we are lock to Jesus hand to hand. He is pulling us to shore. So long as we don’t reject Him, nothing can separate us. His strong arm keep us snug and tight.

The Spirit is gentle enough not to rip our arm out of socket yet firm enough to remain secure. Brother and sisters, abide in the Holy Spirit apparatus. Just breathe thru the snorkel. Put on your Biblical mask so you can truly see under water clearly.

The deep divers have their master certifications. They’ve got spiritual scuba gear to explore the seas depths searching for wonders, treasures and other shipwrecked sailors. They return what they find to the Savior. They help rescue the perishing. Once saved, they help others find the Mercy Ship.

This song by sung by the man in black, sums it up well: Let the lower lights be burning.


LORD, You know our desperate need better than we do. LORD help us. Help us help others in Jesus’s name.

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