The fear of the Lord is… Psalms 111:10a

It’s so essential to have a holy fear of God. This admonition is impressed upon us sternly and repeatedly by David, Solomon and so many of the other inspired writers of Scripture.

In today’s church, we often focus on the grace of God which is extremely important, perhaps even more so yet we need to maintain a healthy fear (respect, reverence, awe of an ultra mighty and righteous God).

So this holy fear is the beginning of wisdom. Next step is do actually DO what He says. Not just head knowledge nor lip service but actually integrating His commands into our daily lives. Less of my old man and much more of the new.

We will never be perfect so long as we reside in these wonderful yet marred flesh suits yet so long as we are paired with our dear Savior Jesus Christ, we are ‘positionally perfect’.

If (BIG two letter word) we are intentional and sincere in our endeavors, the Spirit will certainly guide each of us and get us home for the Bible tells us so.

So no, not perfect, are we but that’s no excuse to give it our best. We are called to be DO-ers. When we do, when we step out in faith- then we gain a deeper and deeper understanding.

One of the beat ways I know to HEAR from God

When we give it our best, then we can rest…rest and trust in His promise.

Best then rest.

“Give it your very best then rest in Providence.” – Kirk

DO IT by living for Him and in Him. For in Christ, we live and move and have our ultimate being.

We must discover the truth one way or the other. This might be from ‘trial and error’ (the hardest path), learning from OPLE (Other People’s Life Experiences), and Study (reading, listening, etc.) Once we know, then we must DO sufficiently. In order ‘TO DO’ enough it requires true desire and understanding of the higher purpose in it. The BIG Why. You know?

“To know is a start, to fulfill takes heart.”


I am nobody but a somebody because of Him. He loves everybody so just DO IT (It being what the Spirit puts upon you. It’s in the Word of God and it’s out yonder waiting for YOU).

That is what this passage means to me, how about you?

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