1. BREATH – Do it conciously
    Imagine your breath would be taken away from you (for a couple of seconds)
    Woud you still live and be alive?
  2. UNDERSTAND – You are here for a Purpose
    Even if you don’t know it yet (It’s time to go within)
    Maybe that is called Life?
  3. SMILE – Do you need a reason?
    If people can be sad for no reason, then you can Smile for no reason (Or at least for being alive and that you can still breath – you can smile Now)
  4. SEE – Notice
    Do you feel a change in You when you are aware your breath and that smile on your face?
  5. YES – Say Yes out Loud!
    now you shine!
    Have you felt it?
    Type YES

(BONUS: if you read all of THIS through and combine all the first letters, then you may read it almost as BUSY 😎 Amazing right?)

Feel free to SHARE your bright STARness

Giovi Singh

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