One thought on “Out of Shadows

  1. NewHeavenOnEarth March 15, 2021 / 11:20 am

    Yes, I pray for every one in the dark to come to the True Light of Christ, every lost soul to find Jesus, every dead spirit to be resurrected by the Holy Spirit, and the standard of righteousness of Christ be raised over America, over every state, over every county and city; I pray for the Government of God on Christ’s shoulders to be over our government, recreating a new Republic under God, with unalienable rights, freedom and liberty for every one under God; and I pray all ungodly agendas are exposed in all branches in D.C. of satan’s tree, and all come over to Christ’s Tree of Life with godly, righteous branches, even moving the capital out of D.C. The swamp never got drained so let’s move the government out of the swamp completely; they can have the bankrupt corporation and compromised corrupt city-state-nation of D.C., a foreign entity.
    The music “industry’s” luciferian agenda has come out of the closet, joining the agenda coming out of D.C. now; they are no longer hiding their satanic rituals, sexual ritual magic/sorcery, and soul-sold-to-the-devil lyrics. I wanted to see what they were up to by watching the grammys but it was so dark, so demonic, I could not watch it; flipped occasionally to it and was appalled at the degradation and defiling of women in the travesty that was WAP, sexual objectification of women gone downhill even more, to actual defilement of what God created in his image and likeness and Jesus restored, for fame, wealth, and being seen, to further satan’s evil agenda. I pray no children were watching as it was aired in prime time here on the west coast. Abba Father, help!

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