He restores

Pondering Psalms 23:3a
“He restores my soul.”

My take: Amen.

What a wonderful chapter Psalm 23 is. Since we all were in the domino effect of the great fall due to Adam and Eve’s disobedience, so clearly out of our control, our ability to restore ourselves is pointless. Oh yes, we try to get a fix by seeking the help of outsiders or filling ourselves up with artificial and cosmetics however only something outside of this world will do.

That’s is where God comes in. Only He can restore our souls. Everything else is just imitation filler.

My prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You for being the 2nd Adam and doing the mighty work up on the Cross. Lord willing, I will NEVER forget, deny, nore grow stale toward this awesome work by which I am in the process of being fully restored. I know positionally it is a done deal and can’t wait till its fully resolved. Some day my dirty soul will been purified and I will be made a new with a gloified body; fully restored and better than new.

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