Pondering – Proverbs 12:2

“A good man obtains favor from the Lord,

but a man of evil devices he condemns.”

Proverbs 12:2

My take: Whoever says God is not a person and not personal in His interactions is sorely misguided. Yet, He has placed a framework of principles that we may choose to adhere to and be blessed or ignore and suffer. Some call that Karma or other. Yet as much as we may will to do good, we can’t do on our own, at least to God’s standard. He rewards those who strive for good and made provision for the inevitable gap from the fall, that only God himself can fulfill, namely Jesus Christ. The formula laid out in Scripture so eloquently described by James is 100% works and 100% faith. Kind of like the Godman Jesus, who was 100% both God and Human. On this side of Heaven, we see that we must 1st muster true faith, unwaivering belief to accomplish any great feat yet we must bring the goods, do the hard work and deliver. So it is with sanctification (the process of growing in God), it both of faith and works. Like walking, left then right. The Lord tests our hearts and motivations. With justice, He cares and rewards the good yet shuns evil. With mercy, He patiently knocks and is quick to provide complete forgiveness for we all need that. He only requires a repentant heart. With wisdom, we can discern not only between good and evil but hopefully between good and great. It’s a healthy relationship He desires.

Action words: good obtains favor, evil is condemned

My prayer: Good God, help me to be in position to recieve your favor. Help me with the comprehension and will to quickly drop any evil devices I am inclined to grab. Better yet, give me the wisdom to avoid those evil devices entirely. Day by day, kill the bad and pluck the weeds.

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