Pondering Proverbs 6:12 — Pro 6:15

“A worthless person, a wicked man,
goes about with crooked speech,
winks with his eyes, signals with his feet,
points with his finger,
with perverted heart devises evil,
continually sowing discord;
therefore calamity will come upon him suddenly;
in a moment he will be broken beyond healing.”

My take: I try to discover these signs when in communication with others. Non verbals like excessive winking, incongruities with feet with body posture and pointing a lot are all indicators of deception. I have sure been fooled and duped plenty of times but God sees that ‘what goes around, comes around’ sooner or later if not for a fair measure of grace and repentance.

My prayer: Lord help me be consistent and true in all that I do. When i fall short, lead me to understanding.

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