The imputation Cure of Christ: Romans 4:24

WARNING There is only one cure to the world’s most deadly virus. That is certainly not Corona Covid-19, it has a much simpler name; sin. Left untreated, its death rate is no less than 100%.

The virus reportable began in Eden and has infected each and every human being prior to birth. (See the book of Genesis for further details)

Fortunately, the Director of the CDC (Center of Damnation Control), Jesus Christ, gave up His own blood so the Doctor of all life could properly create an unique and only effective vacine known to mankind.

To receive your free inoculation named the ‘righteousness of faith’ one simply needs to first test themselves in order realize the extent of infection. Upon repentance and believing upon God’s power to impute Jesus’s righteous act upon the cross intravenously, one’s sin virus shall be controlled henceforth. The is truly saving faith. For further instruction, it is recommended that you read the Gospel, starting in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

Come to the Great Physician

Disclaimer: Though the vaccine effects are amazing and permanent, some recurring symptoms and temporary complications may reoccur. To limit this effect, the Maker recommends daily supplications from the Word and regular prayer until the sanctification has been fully achieved upon entering the God’s glory of your heavenly home. This transformation will restore you body to its original intended perfection.

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