3 types of FEAR

People talk and sing about fear frequently. No doubt its real and its false. Its debilitating at times and it can be a true path to growth.

Fear #1 – Danger

This is the most simple easily understood fear. Its the burn you hand on the stove kind. This kind of fear is healthy because it keeps us alive. Its ugly sister is Pain.

FDR summed this one up well when he encouraged America to overcome in WWII by saying, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Fear #2 – False

This is the kind of fear most people bash, justly so.

Its best sized up:





This kind of fear is best overcome and ignored. It comes from insecurity, anxiety and head trash.

Fear #3 – Holy

This is probably the least understood one by most modern people. Solomon, one of the wisest persons ever, said the beginning of all wisdom is the fear of God. King David taught his son well. Its a consistent theme throughout Scripture.

This fear leads to humility and worship. Solomon, one of, if  not thee, wisest man in all of history wrote that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. God requires this in order to bless. Its a  understanding of structure, power and the chain of command.

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